22 reviews of Golf Lessons with Fil Falcon

Great teacher

Bryan T. says: Fil teaches just the way I like. He starts with the basics and patiently goes through everything. Thanks Fil!

Great lesson
Cody M. says: I had a group lesson with Fil and was very pleased. We must have been the last lesson because we probably went 20-30 minutes over our scheduled time for free. He gave us a lot of great tips that were easy to understand that I’m excited to go work on. Time to hit the range and work on these changes. We would definitely go see him again.

Great first lesson
Ron C. says: I had my first lesson with Fil the other day and couldn’t have been more pleased. He was recommended by a friend who feels the same and for good reason. I’ve been playing most of my life; pretty much learned the game from my grandfather and friends and reading, etc. My biggest concern was having an instructor try to reinvent my swing and start from scratch. This is what happened a couple of years ago with another instructor and it was pretty much a waste of time and money. Fil, like others have said here, started where I was and made corrections and gave me a few drills to practice and he even suggested I wait some time before scheduling my next lesson so that I’d have time to incorporate what he’d taught. I believe that even if I didn’t have additional lessons coming up Fil has helped my game tremendously in just one hour. If you’re on the fence about taking a lesson or lessons from Fil I’d encourage you to just do it. Your game will improve and you’ll finally understand why you slice, or top the ball, or take a 6″ divot before your club head even gets to the ball, or why 3 out of 10 shots are great but the other 7 who knows where they’ll end up.

He keeps me in the game!
Patricia W says: Fil’s lessons are personalized with great tips to help me be a better golfer and for me every little bit counts! We live in Japan most of the year and I always try to get a lesson from Fil when we are home during the summer. He gives me such great tips and drills that work for me. I also love his golf stories!

Best lesson I have ever had


John D says: Fil takes you from where you are at and teaches you the basics to correct whatever needs improvement or change. He is comfortable, easy to work with, and gives you drills to practice to improve you. He is all about wanting you to enjoy the game.

Beginner Lesson

Lisa B says: I’m just a beginner and Fil taught me some great basics to practice. He made it very easy to understand and had some great insight.

Excellent Instructor


Bob O says: I learn more the first hour than expected. Now it’s time to unlearn my bad habits. I like they way he focused on the basics and didn’t overwhelm me with too much. I have plenty to work on until my next lesson. Can’t wait!

Build a great foundation


Robert I says: As a beginner I found that Fil is excellent at teaching the fundamentals and stresses a sound foundation. As in any activity a great foundation is needed for success.

back to the basics

Roger C says: my first lesson with Fil was great, I knew I had developed bad habits with the basic fundamentals and he was able to help me get going back in the right direction. Practice, practice looking forward to my next lesson.

Fil is the best

jim c says: I have had a few lessons before. And while every teacher could tell me what was wrong with my swing, not one could get me on the right track .Fil starts with the basics. I learned more in 1 hour with Fil, than all my other lessons combined .I can’t wait for my next lesson. Fil your the best, see you in another 6000 swings or so.

Starts with the basics

Donald M says: Fil stresses the basics and highly so. When problems arise, it usually traces right back to the basics. I now have a good basis for what to work on and look forward to the improvements that will surely come.

Terrific Lesson

Jim K says: My wife and I took a couple’s lesson with Fil. He uses a straight-forward, keep-it-simple approach that helps build a solid foundation of fundamentals with the goal of improving your skills and allowing you to have fun playing golf. He went above and beyond, demonstrated patience, and used effective methods to demonstrate the most efficient ways to develop a good swing. We highly recommend Fil for anyone wanting to lear golf for the first time or for people that have years of experience but need to work out some bad habits.

Lessons with Fil

Colleen C says: Fil is a fantastic teacher. He is thorough and moves at a comfortable pace. I have never golfed before. Fil teaches you a good understanding of the basics from the ground up. I look forward to my lessons.

Couple Lesson

Jay W says: I am a complete beginner & my husband has played a bit over the years developing bad habits that need correcting. We’ve now had 3 lessons with Fil and will definitely be back for more. He is extremely patient and a great teacher; breaking things down and explaining so clearly that it all makes sense. I need to make more time to practice!

1st lesson

Jeanne B says: Fil was very patient with me. 🙂 First lesson focused on the basics. I’m pretty sore, but it was well worth it.

Another great lesson

Patti W says: Lesson #2 even better than the first. Fil is genuinely interested in my improvement and again, explained the dynamics of the game so that it makes more and more sense! Looking forward to lesson #3.

Helped out my game

Jerry L says: Fil is a great teacher, he started with the basics and uses that to build a strong foundation. Looking foward to more
lessons with him.

So helpful
Patti W says: 
Fil explained so many aspects in terms that made sense to me. I am ready to practice practice practice! He really did improve my outlook and my swing! Thank you and I am looking forward to my next lesson. Patti

Great knowledge of the game

Dana B says: 
Within five minutes of watching my swing Fil had some lessons for me to practice. It has already started to change my game. Fil is very patient and has a great understanding for the game. Cant wait to learn more from him.

Golf with Fil

Anthony I says: 
Fil was great! We worked on basics. He was very patient and made me feel extremely comfortable. We even worked on the driver and that was fantastic! Thanks Fil!

Very pleased

Mike T says: 
We did a couples lesson and Fil was very engaged and helpful he has the ability to see the problems with your swing and has excellent suggestions/drills to correct it. We will definitely book more lessons.

Back to the game

Carl M says: 
After many years of not playing and a lower set of skills to begin with I decided to take my first lesson. It was great. Fil made me feel comfortable with my level of skill. We talked about fundamentals and Fil pointed out some of the problem areas and ways to improve them. With his help I saw immediate improvements. I came away with hope for my game and look forward to more lessons.